Not your average Joe from Jersey over here, aka @Bassin_NJ Typical started fishing as a kid but fell off at some point. Got back into fishing fall of 2018 when the doctor told me to stop working 7 days a week and pick up a hobby. Since then I have started directing the New Jersey trail for Slay Nation Tournament Fishing. Here is where I found out about TECbaits as they are a sponsor of Slay Nation. Loving everything about Keitech except they’re price and durability, I decided to give the TECbaits paddle tails a try. Once I got them in, it was over. Best paddle tails I have tried and haven’t tried any since. Perfect trailer for my chatter-baits. These babies secured my team 2 first place finishes, third place, and 2 lunkers in 2019.  Going for even more in 2020 with the sauce! Defiantly give these baits and weights a shot, you won’t be disappointed!