Hi my name is Derek aka @Blazin_Angler I fished a little as a kid but nothing serious. It wasn't until the spring of 2019 that I found a real passion for the sport. Typical story really, was going through some tough times and wasn't very social. My youngest brother asked me to go fishing with him one morning and decided it would be nice to get out of the house. Well since that day and roughly $200+ later after getting a rod and reel setup, tackle bag, and fishing license things in my fishing world have seriously taken a change. I was your standard bank angler hitting any place I could finagle my way into. I ended up becoming Staffed by TEC in the beginning of the summer. We have turned into quite the family. I have gotten the opportunity to meet up with some of my team mates and rip some lips. I went on a weekend camping/ fishing adventure with @Delirious_Angler in Vermont and had my first kayak fishing experience.  Since that day I was no longer a bank angler and got my hands on my first fishing kayak. I am now taking my fishing a lot more serious and getting more involved in the tournament side of the sport. 2020 is going to be my first year competitively competing and I am so stoked about it. Since I've been with TEC I have taken on a larger roll with the company because I personally believe in what we bring to the table. I am now the designer and operator for the website and I am part of the marketing team. Theres a lot of passion over here at TEC and we want to share our passion with y'all. I will tell you like I tell everyone else... "You will never go wrong when you roll up to the spot TECstrong."