I'm Eric Owner of TEC my Journey began as a young trout fisherman , and slowly progressed into bass where I dreamed of one day making lures for myself and others ( and by dreams I meant pipe dream) ; But as years went on and I saw progression from bank fishing , I realized that fishing was a passion for me. I then did a lot of reading, watching shows, how to vid's, patterns, weather, water clarity, wind the list goes on and on. After that I started to further my knowledge and skill by then attempting to make my own baits and start using them. As the years went on it got better and better for me with trial and error of course. I started to catch a lot on the colors of my creations, and that's when it hit me. A close friend of mine told me I needed to share my passion with the world, so I took his advice and began to sell small amounts of baits in hopes to potentially starting my own business and that's how Tecbaits came into play!  I really didn't know where this would take me the lure business and all but was willing to put the work in to get it where I wanted it. So from there I pushed a lot , joining in on tournaments , using my own product and showing the would what I think TEC is about. Then, I began to open opportunities for staffing. While doing so we ended up with our "TECfam".  One special staffer wanted to be a bigger part so with that we then created a weight line called Tecweights . Things are going well for us but we still have a long journey ahead of TEC to become what we all think is GREAT! what we have is special and 100% of the family behind TEC has proven they want to see us succeed . We even have a staffer who's now our website creator / manager and is on our marketing team as well and another staffer who took it upon himself to start leading the way as a TEC sales rep and got us into our first storefront!  We will see you in a store near you Very soon !! #CHECKMATEWITHTECBAITS